Special Education Staff Responsibility Chart (PDF; 207KB)

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Education Services

All staff can be contacted through the Office of Student Services at (916) 686-7780.

Education Services Administration
Mark Cerutti – Associate Superintendent

Special Education Department Administration

Douglas Phillips, Special Education Director/SELPA

Bill Tollestrup, Special Education Director/SELPA                  

Each Regional Program Specialist will focus on schools within the high school feeder patterns and will be the primary contact for the schools within their region.

Cosumnes Oaks Regional Support Team
(Pinkerton, Donner, Elliott Ranch, Franklin Elementary, Hein)

Michele Kuhn – Cosumnes Oaks Region Program Specialist
Stefani Fontana, ADPE
Linda Vargas, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Elk Grove High Regional Support Team
(Kerr, Elk Grove Elementary, Feickert, Markofer, McKee)

Brooke Warren – Elk Grove Region Program Specialist
Joy Bryceson, ADPE
JoAnne Smith, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Florin High Regional Support Team
(Rutter, Florin Elementary, Jackson, Kennedy, Kirchgater, Reese)

Erica Winn – Florin Region Program Specialist
Gale Fairchild, ADPE
Laurel Hochmuth, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Franklin High Regional Support Team
(Toby Johnson, Carroll, Castello, Franklin Elementary, Hein, Stone Lake)

Marco Farias – Franklin Region Program Specialist
Lynne Barrett, ADPE
Linda Vargas, Vocational /Transition Specialist

Laguna Creek Regional Support Team
(Eddy, Donner, Ehrhardt, Foulks Ranch, Sims, West)

Bruce Barron – Laguna Creek Region Program Specialist
Stefani Fontana, ADPE
Jolene Hood, Vocational /Transition Specialist

Monterey Trail Regional Support Team
(Harris, Butler, Case, Herburger, Jackson, Comstock, West)

Michelle Perkins  – Monterey Trail Region Program Specialist
Lynne Vernon, ADPE
Susan McEntee, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Pleasant Grove Regional Support Team
(Albiani, Adreani, Batey, Cosumnes River , Dillard, Pleasant Grove Elementary, Sierra Enterprise, Sunrise)

Gina Rogers – Pleasant Grove Region Program Specialist
Todd Strickland, ADPE
Jolene Hood, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Sheldon High Regional Support Team
(Smedberg, Beitzel, Butler, Fite, Tsukamoto)

Pat Spears Lee – Sheldon Region Program Specialist
Bob Bell, ADPE
Susan McEntee, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Valley High Regional Support Team
(Jackman, Leimbach, Mack, Prairie, Reith, Union House)

Jenny Pinedo – Valley Region Program Specialist
Todd Strickland, ADPE
Laurel Hochmuth, Vocational/Transition Specialist

Jessie Baker
Cindee Shapton, Principal
Florrie Tibbitts/Darcy Kelly, ADPE
A. Takanikos, Nurse

Cross Regional Program Specialists

Cross Regional Program Specialists are responsible for the support and administration of district-wide programs such as Autism, Emotionally Disturbed, PreK, Inclusive Education, Moderate/Sever, and Professional Development.  For these programs, the Cross Regional Program Specialists work with teacher and paraeducator staffing, student placements, site placement of classrooms, acquiring equipment, budgeting, certifications, etc. Cross Region Program Specialists are available to support Regional Program Specialists and IEP teams in their areas of concentration throughout the decision making process.

Cross Regional Program Specialists can be reached by email or by calling (916) 686-7780.

Kit D’Arezzo – DIS Services (OT/AdPE/PT/AAC/ATP/VI/Music Therapy), Extended School Year , Moderate/Severe Self-Contained Programs (7-12), SCOE Programs, Adult Transition Programs

Steve Schwander – Moderate/Severe Self-Contained Programs (K-6)

Douglas Phillips – Education Related Mental Health Services

Liz Rayner – SCC ED Programs & Alternative Education

Jennifer Lipsky – PreK Special Education Self-Contained Programs/Autism Lead

Jill Weber – Autism Self-Contained Programs (K-3)

Renee Schulz – Autism Self-Contained Programs (4-12)

Marilyn Delgado – Non-Public Schools

Susan Zdarko – Inclusive Education Services

Erica Winn – Lead District Behaviorist

Alicia Wilson  – Compliance Coordinator/Special Education Information System (SEIS) District Admininstrator

Pat Spears Lee  – Language, Speech, Hearing/Deaf and Hard of Hearing