What is the EGUSD Special Education CAC?

Elk Grove SELPA Local Plan (PDF; 7197KB)

This PDF file contains the complete Elk Grove SELPA Local Plan. The Local Plan describes how Special Education services in EGUSD will be provided and how all State and Federal funds directed for Special Education services will be delivered.



The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) works to promote effective Special Education programs and services within the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) to ensure that all students with disabilities have available to them a free and appropriate public education.


The California Education Code Section 56190-56194 mandates that each Special Education Local Plan Area have a CAC that serves in an advisory capacity regarding:

  • The development, amendment, and review of the local plan.
  • Recommending annual priorities to be addressed by the local plan.
  • Assisting in parent education and recruitment.
  • Encouraging community involvement in the development and review of the local plan.
  • Supporting activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs.
  • Assisting in parent awareness of the importance of regular school attendance.

The CAC is composed of parents, students, EGUSD special education program staff, regular and special education teachers, other EGUSD school personnel, public and private agency representatives and concerned community members.


The purpose of the CAC is to advise and work collaboratively with the EGUSD Board of Education on special education policies, procedures, programs, priorities and parent education in the Special Education Local Plan Area.


Confidential Conferences:

If you have an individual concern regarding special education services and supports for a student and would like to have a confidential conference with a member of the EGUSD Special Education Staff, please contact the CAC via this website and prepare to attend the next CAC meeting with the completed Request for Confidential Conference form.


CAC Executive Committee:

Keely Groves, Chair

Monica Spencer, Secretary

Cheryl Russell, Treasurer

Diana Barnes, Former Chair

Becky Okamoto, Former Vice Chair